Innovative Ideas

The ultimate goal is to redesign and make better products with proper and safe discarding in mind. But in the mean time, if we use technologies, common sense and elbow grease, which is applied to looking at alternative ways of managing and dealing with our discards, many creative and innovative ideas and equipment are available to handle and deal with just about anything we discard... and in a much more sustainable way.

Moving from wasting to reuse, repair and resource recovery is being made much easier with the use of these ideas, technologies and equipment. Acting outside the box is quickly replacing thinking outside the box and many entrepreneurs, inventors and average everyday ordinary people are coming up with some amazing ideas for dealing with our discards in a whole new way. We have to get past recycling and into a Zero Waste way of thinking. The planet is not our toilet!

Recycled Expanded Polystyrene Foam Plop Pots!

The Expanded Polystyrene Foam used to make Meat Trays/Egg Cartons and Food Containers does not seem to have a market for them. So we created our own flower pots, or as Barb likes to call them...."Plop Pots" because of the nature of the condensed Expanded Polystyrene Foam. While people debate the pros and cons of using this stuff, we want to look at ideas for keeping this material out of the landfill. Everything went through our XT200 (click here for more info) and it no longer is the ugly duckling material that sat around in blocks. I guess this might be "necessity is the mother of invention" to a degree. Either way, it is now something sort of cool looking. Plop Pots, get them at Gibsons Recycling Depot while they last.


Click the photo above for more photos of Plop Pots,
made from recycled meat trays, egg cartons and food containers.
$10 plus shipping and applicable taxes.



Pavers made from recycled glass and bonding agent.


Tumbled glass.



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