Expanded Polystyrene Foam Recycling

Gibsons Recycling Depot unveils new Expanded Polystyrene Foam Machine

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Expanded Polystyrene Foam Recycling Machines available for sale here! See below.

Expanded Polystyrene Recycling is here and now! You can make a difference for our environment.

YES! British Columbia and Alberta - Gibsons Recycling Depot has the solution to the Expanded Polystyrene problem in every community, small and large.

Gibsons Recycling Depot is proud to say that we are the British Columbia & Alberta Distributors for the RecycleTech Expanded Polystyrene Recycling machines... the XT-200, XT400 and the XT-500!



20 lbs. of Local Repurposed Foam Meat Trays, Egg Cartons and Food Containers into Flower Pots

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Recycling the Expanded Polystyrene Foam from all packaging materials is the answer!

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We are located in Gibsons, British Columbia and have been successfully recycling Expanded Polystyrene Foam and Expanded Poly Ethylene for over 2 years now at our recycling facility, Gibsons Recycling Depot.

RecycleTech Corporation is an innovation-driven company utilizing the latest technology to provide solutions for recycling, waste reduction, and energy efficiency.

Founded in 2004 as specialized recycler of EPS - Expanded Polystyrene - scrap material, RecycleTech Corp. has set up its first processing facility in Lakeland, Florida in 2005 In a partnership with the Solid Waste Division of Polk County, where some 4,000 lbs of material is processed daily from the post-industrial "loose foam" scrap received from the local organizations.

RecycleTech has designed Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Densifying machine utilizing high volume extrusion technology. EPS scrap is placed into the hopper of the machine where it is crushed into small chunks, then the pieces drop into an auger/screw where the material is heated and extruded into ingot for collection.  The process is safe, clean and does not emit harmful emissions.

Zero Waste begins with innovative ideas and concepts. Landfill diversion of Expanded Polystyrene is a great way to extend the life of the landfill in your community. Best Buy/Future Shop, the North Okanogan Regional District and Gibsons Recycling Depot have all started recycling Expanded Polystyrene in British Columbia. With a reduction rate of 90-1, one ton of recycled Expanded Polystyrene easily fits on 1 pallet. Shrink wrapped, it can be stored outside in any weather and is a sought after recycled resource that is purchased back by Recycle Tech. Resource Recovery is the only way we will be able to effectively deal with our discards. And Recycle Tech has given us a common sense way to do just that.


Here are the specifications of our machines:

***All units come with 1 year warranty (parts and labor).


Model# XT200SA (CSA Approved)

Capacity: 200 lbs per hour
# of operator: 1
Power requirement: 220V (208V~240V), 3phase, 60amps
Electrical Operating cost: $0.01 a lb.
Annual Maintenance Cost: $200


Model# XT400 (CSA Approved)

Capacity: 400 lbs per hour
# of operator: 1
Power requirement: 480V, 3phase, 100amps
Electrical Operating cost: $0.02 a lb.
Annual Maintenance Cost: $300-$400


Model# XT500-S (CSA Approved)

Power requirement: 480V, 3phase, 100amps
Electrical Operating cost: $0.02 a lb.


Recycled Expanded Polystyrene Foam Plop Pots!

The Expanded Polystyrene Foam used to make Meat Trays/Egg Cartons and Food Containers does not seem to have a market for them. So we created our own flower pots, or as Barb likes to call them...."Plop Pots" because of the nature of the condensed Expanded Polystyrene Foam. While people debate the pros and cons of using this stuff, we want to look at ideas for keeping this material out of the landfill. Everything went through our XT200 (click here for more info) and it no longer is the ugly duckling material that sat around in blocks. I guess this might be "necessity is the mother of invention" to a degree. Either way, it is now something sort of cool looking. Plop Pots, get them at Gibsons Recycling Depot while they last.


Click the photo above for more photos of Plop Pots,
made from recycled meat trays, egg cartons and food containers.
$10 plus shipping and applicable taxes.

Please click on the following PDF's for some great Recycling Information and Ideas:

Plop Pots

Air Monitoring Report

Ingot Processing

Ingot Stacking Pallet

Mobile EPS Solutions

Mobile Unit

Please contact me for further information. We look forward to making a positive difference in your community and throughout our beautiful Provinces!


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